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Accommodation types in Greece

Greece offers many different types of accommodation appropriate to different sorts of holidays and budgets.




Hotels on the mainland are generally open throughout the year. In seaside resorts, many hotels close during the winter months. In ski resorts, hotels may close during the summer season.


Hotels in Greece are classified using the star rating system and are rated from one to five stars. One star designates a hotel with basic facilities. Five star (deluxe) hotels offer luxury amenities and services.


Bed & Breakfast, Guest Houses and Rented Rooms (Domátia)

Domatia are rented rooms similar to a Bed & Breakfast. They are rated in the same way as hotels. Accommodation is generally good value, the main difference from hotels being that they don't have lobbies or dining rooms. They can be rented for long periods and the price varies depending on its location. In general prices are reasonable and often negotiable.

This type of guest accommodation is most commonly found on the Greek islands and in rural areas, where there are few or no hotels. There are few Bed & Breakfasts and guest houses in the Athens area.

Keep in mind that the owner of a guest house does not always live on the premises.



Greece offers many different types of accommodation appropriate to different sorts of holidays and budgets.


youyh hostels

Youth Hostels

Youth hostels are a good solution for travellers on a low budget. In Athens, Thessaloniki and on the islands of Santorini and Crete there are several youth hostels. Youth hostels are less common in the rest of Greece.

Holders of a Hostelling International card may benefit from reductions at some youth hostels in Greece.

Alpine and Mountain Refuges

Alpine and Mountain Refuges

Hiking and mountaineering are popular outdoor sports in Greece, with a range of paths and trails for all levels. Mountain refuges can provide accommodation for walkers.

There are quite a few ski resorts in Greece, including Parnassos, Kalavryta, Kaimaktsalan, Pigadia, Karpenissi, Vasilitsa and a few others. Accommodation in these resorts is available throughout the year. The type of accommodation varies, from hotels and chalets to rooms in guest houses.


Greece has many monasteries, many of which provide rooms and beds for one or several nights. Accommodation is available in rooms either situated within the monastery itself or nearby, but these may not be available all year round. Within monasteries, accommodation facilities are usually quite basic.

Rules may vary greatly between different monasteries. Some are silent while some encourage prayer and meditation. One of the most famous groups, on Mount Athos, does not allow women. On Mount Athos only men are allowed and they need a special permit to enter the premises. This is more difficult to obtain for non-Orthodox visitors.


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