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the city of Delphi

A night view of the city of Delphi from the top of mount Kirfi (Kohran)

The modern city of Delphi is located 300m west of the archeological site of the Sanctuary of Apollo. It was founded with the relocation of the inhabitants of the original village of Delphi -named Kastri-, built right on the archeological site, in 1892.

The village of Kastri

The village of Kastri

18th century welcome scene in Delphi

The settlement extends on an East-West axis and is amphitheatrically built on the slope of mount Parnassos at an altitude of 410 - 520m.

It consists of two main one-way roads that meet at both ends of the village. Vasileon Pavlou and Friederikis street heading East (towards the cities of Arachova, Livadia, Thebes, Athens) while Apollonos Street leads to the West (to Chrisso, Amfissa and Bralos on the North, Itea, Galaxidi, Nafpaktos, Antirio to the West).

Young tourists in the late 50's heading to the Temple of Apollo

A poster of the Delphi Festival of 1951

The city offers the visitors accommodation, food and entertainment in combination with the archeological sites of Delphi, the Archaeological Museum, but also with modern cultural activities as it is the seat of the European Cultural Center of Delphi and hosts the Delphic Festival Sikelianos Museum.

1900 the East entry of the city of Delphi. On the right Apollo Hotel.

"Castalia Hotel in the late 50's.


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